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Smartkids Childcare

Our Focus

SmartKids offers a warm, safe and child centred environment in which young children can develop and explore.

We focus on the holistic development of the child and we combine Montessori,Steiner and Reggio Emilia philosophies into our program.

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We work with a well-planned program, where both indoor and outdoor play is the key, to optimise the children’s development in areas such as:

A strong emphasis is placed on creating a positive, warm, nurturing environment in which children learn to develop confidence and a sense of identity. Co-operation with others is an integral aspect of learning and growing, and forms the basis for participation in learning activities. In a safe and secure setting, each child develops a sense of belonging and an awareness of the welfare of others.

From an early age, children possess the ability to learn languages and communicate with others, and often have a rudimentary awareness of written languages. Children will be encouraged to develop keen listening, speaking, (sometimes reading and writing skills) through group activities, reading books and talking and learning about the world around them.

Through the repetitive use of practical activities, children observe, probe, question and think about the surrounding world, and gain an understanding of mathematical concepts using objects and experiences from their daily lives.

Wide ranges of artistic forms are employed to facilitate each child's need to express their thoughts and feelings, including music, drama, visual arts and dance. Musical concepts such as rhythm and beat, as well as voice and body expressions are introduced, while puppetry and pantomime are used as theatrical forms to act out ideas. Expression through visual arts will involve the use of various materials such as different kinds of paper, clay, paint, play-dough, goops, crayons, pencils etc.

Children will be taught by the teacher's example, the importance of valuing one's physical health and well being, as well as maintaining a physically healthy lifestyle. As physical development is a crucial part of a child's overall growth, activities and exercise will focus on developing balance, rhythm, co-ordination and muscular control.

Assisting helping children to explore and consider the world around them. It builds on children’s natural curiosity and desire to touch, feel, and ask questions about their environment. This covers early aspects of science & technology, exploring the concept of past and present and  encouraging children to think and develop their own thoughts and ideas.

In this way we provide the children with the opportunity to experience life events and situations, to understand these and to process them. The child should be able to find opportunities for development in all areas and carefully grow to meet the requirements of life.