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Pedagogic Values

A child must be able to explore and develop. Childcare in a SmartKids childcare centre is therefore more than a day care centre to keep the children happily active.

To design a basis for the pedagogic vision, SmartKids has formulated some values. These values are the framework for all pedagogic activities and form the overall atmosphere in the SmartKids childcare centres.


  • Each child is a unique individual being and needs to be accepted and appreciated as such.
  • Each child is entitled to a caring adult who responds positively to the needs of a child. A child needs nutrition, sleep, attention and affection.
  • Every child has an urge and a right to explore his or her opportunities to develop him/herself as a freethinking and independent person.
  • To develop, it’s essential that a child feels trusted and safe and has an awareness that the “teacher” is there if and when the child needs him or her. This builds self-confidence, which stimulates the urge to take on new challenges.
  • Confidence and independence grow by developing self-help skills. It’s important that by (maybe) failing and falling back, there is someone who understands the child and allows the child to try again.
  • Each and every child is entitled to respect. This means that the child is taken seriously and can count on understanding and tolerance.
  • A child has a copying nature and therefore the staff presents a positive role model in all their actions.
  • In the Childcare centre each child will be given the necessary individual attention. The individual is not to suffer at the expense of the group, nor is the group to suffer at the expense of the individual.