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Smartkids Childcare

Pedagogic Vision

Over the years, SmartKids management has developed its own vision on childcare. This is visible in all facets of the service. This includes areas of human resource management, policy with respect to accommodation and of course in the way we care for the children.

Vision on Child care in our Childcare Centres

By sending a child to a childcare centre the parents decide to choose for childcare in a group. For children this means a new environment and new opportunities compared to the home situation.

For children a childcare centre is a place to meet other children and to get to know each other, to play together, to eat, sleep, experience new things together and to learn to respect others. It is also a place to socialize and to enjoy experiences that are different from those that can be had at home.

The environment in the SmartKids childcare centre is specially designed for and based on children and offers much wider opportunities to play and explore than at home. In the SmartKids childcare centre special attention is given to the development of each child; in language, creative play, training in special skills, independence, showing respect to others, exploring their own abilities and to adapting / adjusting to rules and regulations. The SmartKids childcare centre therefore offers parents a supplement to the home situation.

The pedagogic objective of SmartKids

SmartKids has defined its pedagogic objective as:
"To promote positive development of children, by bringing them, under professional care, together in groups, in special child oriented surroundings, in close cooperation with parents."